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  • For beautiful handmade jewelry items, please visit Lauren’s Jewelry Shop.
  • Read the article from the Jan 2013 issue of the Chicago based magazine,  The Monthly Aspectarian about Akeeya… CLICK HERE
  • The beautiful book “Long Road Home” is now out and I highly recommend you read and share it! Maybe you’ll recognize “Lilly” as ME! check it out below:

From the author…. “My husband, Mark, had always suffered from depression, but during the winter and spring of 2008 it began to get worse. After he went missing for twenty-five hours, a frantic search began-and ended when Mark was found dead in his car. My three kids and I struggled to cope with our loss; the pain was unbearable. For the past seven years I have been on a journey that has taken me through tragedy and spiritual healing. Through a series of events, I was drawn to Lily, a gifted medium. From that point on, my life changed completely…”


I “see” the past, present, and future. Some people call me an amazing Spiritual Medium, but I’m an XXXX Large! lol… Seers are not only gifted psychics, they are healers, teachers, guides, and quite magickal!!!!!!! Besides being a Seer, I am a: Forensic Psychic; Medical Intuitive; Reiki Master; Intuitive Empath; Melody Certified and Endorsed “Love Is In The Earth” Founding Instructor; World Reowned Channeler; Award Winning Artist; Goddess; Mother; and Grandmama.  I utilize the gifts, talents, and abilities I incarnated with, to access information from the Divine and/or “The Other Side,” which may include the past/past lives, present, and future, and the best suggested path in regards to relationships – romantic and/or otherwise; “Changes” – including career, investments, residence, etcetera; Spirit Guides, Totem Animals, Ascended Masters, Angels, Deceased Loved Ones; Spiritual Contracts and/or theme; and insight in the removal of negative energy, entities, and lower frequency vibrations, hence once of my nicknames, “Fluffy The Vampire Slayer.” I am not perfect. I’m not even perfect when I put my make-up on! lol… I am only as good as I interpret the symbols, pictures, visions, sensations, and energies I intuitively perceive. It’s kind of like playing Pictionary and/or Charades, my interpretation, may not be yours or someone else’s interpretation, so always I always encourage one to trust their own interpretation first and foremost. I AM on a mission for the Divine – to assist in facilitating a healing of the hearts of humanity on all levels – emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically… I am blessed to enjoy clients and students from all over the world, and am so grateful for all the LOVE, encouragement, support, and understanding, each of them have blessed my life with!!! THANK YOU!!! Perhaps we will share an adventure or two of the paranormal together… Many, many, blessings, always and in ALL ways, THE Goddess Akeeya

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