It was a chance opportunity that brought me to Akeeya. Marie had…

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Life Changing

My first experience with Akeeya was a life-changing event. I had never…

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Right on!

Dear Akeeya, I was very hesitant about coming to one of your…

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Hello Akeeya, this is C (J’s daughter . I just wanted to…

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I never had a doubt!

Well my dear, I don’t think you have to worry about your…

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Wonderful Experience!

Good Morning! I just want to say how wonderful it was to…

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Easy… it will come ...

Last night I remembered you told me numerous times when I was…

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4/10/2014: UPDATE TO AKEEYA’S FRIENDS, FAMILY and SUPPORTERS from her daugher Malana:

There are so many blessings to be thankful for right now as mom continues healing. The good news is that she *IS* healing and filled with laughter each day. I think you have to have some sense of humor when there is a vacuum attached to your buttocks though!? Her wound has healed significantly and to the amazement of all of the nurses that come and go throughout the week. Mom was certain to tell them that she has many people praying for her and sending Reiki her way. The nurses have never seen any wound the size of what mom had healed so quickly. Seriously, I have looked at the before and current photos and I am *AMAZED*. 

 THANK YOU seems like the right thing to say, but it just isn’t BIG enough to show how truly GRATEFUL we are. I am *SO* thankful for the joy my Mom has shared with others throughout the world. I am *SO* thankful for everyone who are able to give whatever they can to assist. We send you each *LOVE* and our sincerest *GRATITUDE* for all of the prayers and well-wishes during this difficult time. PLEASE consider helping her in this time of need. Just a thought or prayer, card or email. Your help is needed, and we are grateful for you. For your thoughts and energy. You can still  support my mom’s fund here.  You will see updates as we have them as well. PLEASE, she still needs your prayers and thoughts.

With MUCH gratitude, thanks and appreciation,

Malana and family

(The Goddesses oldest daughter)


Click here to see the updates on Akeeya (no financial obligation necessary to read updates)



GREETINGS and SALUTATIONS Dearest Fans, Wonderful Clients, Fabulous Friends, Beloved Family, Interesting Acquaintances, and 

Curious Seekers of THE Goddess Akeeya! WELCOME and THANK YOU so very much for visiting my site! I truly appreciate you taking the time to check it out.  I’ve added several links, with updated information about me, as well as upcoming scheduled events. If you are interested in contacting me, please click on the “psychic readings” link. 

I also invite you to read an article in the Monthly Aspectarian (pages 31-33), in which I was greatly BLESSED to have been featured. Thank you to Kelly Small for the wonderful article!

I’ve added 2 new features for you!

  • A blog with posts as I receive inspiration and feel compelled to share it. –CLICK HERE– to see my latest posts.
  • A blog with Predictions and Prophecies that I feel need to be share. –CLICK HERE– to see this page.
I’m also pleased to announce that Mimosa will host my two new types of events in the new year, in addition to my popular Group Galleries and private sessions. The new offerings, both coming for the first time in March, will be:
  • Golden Seer Channeling, where participants may direct questions to the Golden Seers, ancient bringers of knowledge who have messages of great benefit for humanity.
  • “Joyfully Stoned” with Akeeya crystal playshops, a sharing session where participants bring their crystals for a guided show-and-tell with Akeeya, a Melody-trained master crystologist.

I look forward to sharing time with you! Until then…

Many, Many, Blessings,

THE Goddess Akeeya, Magical Mystic – Golden Seer




“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”  ~Frederich Nietzsche



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